5 Misconceptions About Dental Implants.

Missing teeth can be disturbing for both your confidence and your physical and oral health. They not only keep you from quite a number of food items but also make you avoid social interactions due to possible embarrassment.

To offer an effective and lasting solution to missing teeth, many dentists recommend dental implants as the ideal procedure in Cranbourne. However, the misconceptions surrounding the procedure have kept many from opting for it.

Here are some common misconceptions about dental implants and the truth about these misconceptions:

1.Dental implants are expensive

It is true that dental implants cost a great deal. However, the price you pay is much more bearable in the long run compared to the possible pain and financial damage you could endure due to missing teeth. Implants are also lasting, making the decision to get dental implants a great investment for life.

2. Dental implant procedures are extremely painful

While a dental implants procedure is invasive, dentists qualified to carry out the procedure can limit the pain a great deal through the use of anesthesia. Newer technologies such as digital implants further reduce the need for stitches, making the procedure more convenient.

3. Dental implants cause discomfort

A lot of people believe that dental implants cause you discomfort. However, implants are the most convenient option compared to most other tooth replacement procedures.

Dental implants, once set and healed, feel no different than your natural teeth. While you may feel the usual pressure while biting or chewing foods, there is no sensitivity to implants due to the lack of nerves. Unlike dentures, dental implants are much more comfortable to maintain and put no pressure on the gums.

4. Dental implants lead to food restrictions

Believe it or not, dental implants are almost as strong as natural teeth, from the root to the crown. Unlike braces, dental implants have no risks involved and can be treated as natural teeth, allowing you to eat everyday foods without restrictions. The force of the bite with an implant is also the same as that with your natural teeth. Chewing any food is also no different. You can eat everything you could with your natural teeth and needn’t learn new chewing techniques to accommodate the implants.

5. Dental implants look unreal

Many people avoid implants like the plague due to the fear that they may look unreal. Dentists, however, ensure the use of a ceramic material to create the crown to match the colour, size, and shape of your natural teeth. This makes them appear no different from your natural teeth.

Considering the benefits of a dental implant surgery, opting for implants as your teeth replacement can be a prudent decision. You can find out more about the procedure by visiting a dental clinic in your vicinity.

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