Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that diagnoses and treats the mispositioning of teeth and jaws.

At Casey Smiles, we offer patients a range of orthodontic treatment from traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and Clear correct aligner treatment.

Braces Cranbourne

Metal and Ceramic Braces

Traditional metal braces are comfortable due to their small size and lower profile. We generally use these for teens and adults that are less concerned with the aesthetics. We also offer ceramic braces which offer the same low profile and metal braces however that are more discreet. Metal and ceramic braces work exactly the same.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct straightens teeth using clear plastic aligners rather than traditional braces. Visit Clear Correct for more info.

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Sleep Apnoea

Teeth Whitening

Root Canal Treatment Cranbourne

Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cranbourne

Wisdom Teeth