Sleep Dentistry

At Casey Smiles, we understand that some patients can feel quite anxious or uncomfortable when it comes to having dental treatment in the chair, so we can offer a few options to help reduce that anxiety for both adults and children.

We can offer patients the following Sleep Dentistry techniquesSleep Dentistry Melbourne

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – Nitrous or laughing gas as it is commonly known, is a gas that you breath in throughout your treatment. You are still able to follow instructions, however, this will allow you to relax a little more during your treatment.

General Anaesthetic – In our clinic, we can offer patients to have their treatment completed under a general anaesthetic. Patient are unconscious for the duration of the procedure. This is done under the supervision of a registered Specialist Anaesthetist, who monitors all patient during the whole procedure in our purpose built clinic.


To find out if you are a candidate or if you would like to know more about these options, call us on (03) 5996 6273 and one of our friendly staff can assist you.