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10 Questions To Ask Your Dentist About Dental Implants

Tired of missing teeth affecting your life? Most don’t realise that it can impact their physical, mental, and emotional health if left untreated. From hindering your ability to eat to impairing your speech, missing teeth can influence your quality of life. This is one reason why dental implants have become a favourite among dentists and patients alike. But before you opt for the procedure, it is important to understand the facts about dental implants and whether they are the right procedure for you. So, here are important questions to ask your dentist about cosmetic dental implants in Melbourne the next time you’re at their clinic.

    1. How safe are dental implants?

      Dental implants have been carried out for ages with continuous upgrades to dental technology. With how popular and professionally recommended the procedure is, dental implants are considered one of the safest methods of restoring missing teeth.

    2. Is a dental implant procedure painful?

      When dental implant surgery is performed, anesthesia is used to ensure no pain or discomfort is experienced. Once the treatment is complete, you are also provided pain relief medication as a precaution for when the anaesthesia wares off.

    3. Can anyone get dental implants?

      Dental implants are an ideal treatment for most people with missing, decayed or severely broken down teeth. However, the criteria for getting dental implants is good bone health. Individuals suffering from loss of bone volume and density or diseases that affect the gums and jaw bone may not be ideal candidates for the treatment. Since the procedure requires adequate jaw bone to fuse the implants and support them, your dentist may recommend an alternate procedure instead.

    4. How long will the dental implant treatment take?

      Not all dental implants take the same amount of time. The time required depends on several factors like your jawbone health, your gum health, whether extractions are required, whether you need bone grafting treatment, etc. A consultation with your dentist prior to your treatment will help you determine how long it may take in your case.

    5. Is a single implant different from All On 4 dental implants in Melbourne?

      Dental implant treatments are recommended based on the extent of treatment you require. For those with a single missing tooth, a single implant is enough to restore their smile. However, many have multiple missing teeth due to chronic health conditions, gum disease and other factors. In these cases, All On 4 dental implants work to restore all of the teeth at once.

    6. What are the pros and cons of dental implants?

      Dental implants are popular choices for a reason. Unlike natural teeth, dental implants are permanent fixtures that never fall out. They also improve your appearance a great deal and allow you to speak and eat ease.

      On the other hand, dental implant procedures can take some time and care to heal from, with the risk of infection or inflammation if carried out incorrectly. Further, the treatment is not ideal for all, which serves as a disadvantage to people with low bone density.

    7. What is the life of dental implants?

      A great thing about dental implants is that they do not decay like our natural teeth would. However, your gums are still susceptible to decay. A thorough oral care routine and consistent check ups will make sure your dental implants last a lifetime.

    8. Are dental implants removable?

      Dental implants are fused to your jawbone using titanium fixtures, allowing implants to act as your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, implants cannot be removed and need to be maintained like you would your natural teeth.

    9. How much do dental implants cost?

      With the procedure for implants varying for each person, the cost of treatment also varies depending on the severity of the tooth loss. At Casey Smiles Dental Clinic, the cost of your possible implant procedure depends on how many implants are needed, whether it will be a single implant or All On 4 implants, your bone health, the condition of your gums, etc. that will determine treatment cost.

    10. Are all dental implants a success?

      The success of an implant is largely dependent on the oral hygiene of the individual. Things such as avoiding checkups, not brushing or flossing and smoking can all determine whether an implant will integrate successfully. Individuals with good oral health and hygiene have seen their implants become a successful procedure without any risks. In certain cases, however, inadequate oral hygiene or allergic reactions to the titanium in the implant do have a risk of occurring and can lead to implant failure. However, the rate of success far outweighs the lack of success.

If you’re wondering if dental implants are the right procedure for you, an appointment with our team at Casey Smiles Dental can help, call the clinic today on 5996 6273 or click Casey Smiles Dental to book an appointment today!

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