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Can a Sleep Apnea Clinic Transform Lives for the Better?

For a lot of people, the diagnosis of sleep apnoea takes months to form. Patients can suffer through months or years of obstructed sleep where its quality is severely affected. And it is no secret that quality sleep is as essential to good health and a healthy lifestyle. This is also one of the reasons why an emphasis on therapy for sleep apnoea has become essential.

Sleep apnoea occurs when the muscles in your airways relax while you sleep, preventing your air supply. Breathing can often stop for seconds at a time, restarting once your reflexes kick in. This can be extremely dangerous if left untreated for long. And what’s even more shocking is that many are unaware that they suffer from sleep apnoea until a sure diagnosis is made. Consulting a reliable sleep apnoea clinic in Melbourne should be the next step if you or your loved ones notice symptoms of sleep apnoea.

The Signs of Sleep Apnoea

The signs of sleep apnoea may vary, depending on the type of sleep apnoea and the individual.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is the more common of the two, where the air cannot flow in or out of the mouth or nose with a regular breathing pattern.

On the other hand, central sleep apnoea occurs when the brain is unable to send signals to your muscles to ensure breathing. This is not as common as OSA and can be diagnosed by a practitioner.

While snoring is one of the signs of sleep apnoea, not every person who snores suffers from sleep apnoea. Additionally, every person dealing with sleep apnoea may not have snoring as a symptom. Mood swings, constant fatigue, and interrupted breathing patterns are all signs pointing toward a need for a sleep apnoea dentist. Lack of productivity, headaches due to low oxygen or CO2 levels, dry mouth, etc. may also suggest sleep apnoea.

Identifying the Right Sleep Apnoea Treatment in Melbourne

In order to get effective dental treatment for sleep apnoea, your dentist will not only assess your symptoms and observations but also ask you several questions related to your condition to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment method. The treatment will vary, depending on the signs you show and the severity of the apnoea in your case. In some cases, sleep apnoea may also have an association with other chronic ailments, from strokes and diabetes to the risk of heart attacks. Most dentists recommend the CPAP breathing device to ensure continuous air pressure through your airways, making breathing easier.

With time, the effort of your sleep apnoea dentist is sure to transform your life and help you get on a healthy sleeping and breathing pattern. If you’re among the many rifling through search queries of ‘sleep apnoea clinic near me’, a visit to Casey Smiles Dental Clinic can be a positive step toward healthy living.

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